A unionist mess

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Tim Flinn (Letters, 16 February) is right when he questions whether the independence referendum is about the right issue.

Above all, it is also about the “status quo”, or rather, any one of five options ranging from the current original devolution arrangement (ie, more of the same), to the discredited Calman proposals, and the further three options the unionist parties will, according to Better Together tsar Alistair Darling, present in their 2016 manifestos – too late for consideration alongside independence in 2014, and in direct contradiction to their hitherto support for Calman.

The bullying tactics of the ­unionists meant deletion of ­devo-plus, the preferred option expressed in opinion polls.

So, if there is a constitutional mess, it is the fault of the unionists, who never seem to know what they think until they hear what First Minister Alex Salmond has to say.

Douglas R Mayer

Thomson Crescent