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I feel compelled to take issue with my fellow Cuparian, Imlach Shearer (Letters, 22 October) who asserts that the references by colleagues to “Westminster” are a “deceit”.

The referendum is a straight choice between government by Westminster and government by Holyrood. It is therefore hard to imagine how they could avoid referring to Westminster during the debate.

Westminster is the only parliament in Europe that uses the antiquated first-past-the-post system in elections to the Commons and there is no democracy at all in the Lords.

Readers who want to understand why Westminster is the sham democracy it has become should refer to the Electoral Reform Society.

We all know people who don’t bother to vote because they believe “they are all as bad as each other”.

In Westminster this becomes truer with every passing decade. The “clear blue water” which once stood between Labour and Conservative has become more of a dirty puddle.

The referendum will be a choice between a capitalist Westminster which benefits only the wealthy, and a social democratic Holyrood that will benefit all its citizens.

By the way, Yes Scotland does not have a problem with the English. I know because I am English.

Andrew Collins

Skinners Steps