A role for ‘No’s’?

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David Fiddimore (Letters, 29 August) suggests there will be no role in negotiations for those who oppose the Yes campaign in an independent Scotland.

His views, which seem to be shared by many in the Yes 
campaign, are a reason why the UK government needs to state in advance of the vote how it will protect those of its citizens left in an independent Scotland.

If those who oppose independence are to be denied a say in the country after a Yes vote that will show that Scotland has regressed 300 years to a feudal state with human rights only for government supporters.

If there is to be the form of discrimination Mr Fiddimore appears to want, then it is incumbent on the UK government to put in place measures to enable those who are liable to persecution to get to safety.

If this is considered “scaremongering” one only has to read what he said: “Those representing Scotland at the independence negotiations should be drawn from those who have shown confidence in an independent future for the country – not carpetbaggers on the run from Westminster.”

With no second chamber and possibly no supreme court, we would have to hope that Scotland were a member of the EU as we would have to rely on the EU to protect the rights Mr Fiddimore seeks to deny to us.

I am pleased that Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael has said he would work for the benefit of the people of Scotland after a Yes vote, something he should be praised for, not vilified.

I was also pleased that the First Minister invited No campaign leader Mr Darling to join the team. Like many No campaigners I will work for this country whatever the result.

(Dr) Roger I Cartwright

Turretbank Place