A homecoming

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Jamie Livingston (Platform, 
23 February) expressed concern that Scottish graduates may not return from London in their 30s to set up home and family in Scotland, as they apparently have been doing, if Scotland ­becomes independent.

While many graduates currently undoubtedly choose to go to London, how many are forced to because the UK is so London-centric? Mr Livingston seems to be missing the point: many types of jobs, which are currently in London because that is where the government sits, will become available in Scotland if it ­becomes independent.

The former Labour councillor, Steven Purcell, has recently commented that Glasgow should prepare itself to gain from this expected influx of government-related job opportunities.

After independence there will be more opportunities to retain our graduates in Scotland, who will be able, in Scotland, to prove “their worth in the global 

For those who still choose to go to London or elsewhere after graduating, there will be more posts open to them should they subsequently choose to return to Scotland.

Jim Stamper

Burnside Road