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Mary, Queen of Scots may not be Scotland’s “greatest ever Scotswoman” (your report, 24 February) but she is certainly the best known and readily recognisable Scotswoman.

Her name appears regularly in features in The Scotsman and events in her life are always documented in the “Now and Then” column.

The Marie Stuart Society launched an appeal last December to raise funds to have a statue erected to the Queen at Linlithgow Palace, the place of her birth.

The property is managed by Historic Scotland, which is supporting the project.

The more than lifesize bronze statue, sculpted by David Annand, will be seen as a focus for tourism to people following a Marian trail, or who have a keen interest in Scottish history.

The design of the statue itself will incorporate emblems and symbols relating to the Queen’s life, which will be of educational interest.

Please support the society in its efforts to honour Scotland’s only sovereign queen.

Margaret Lumsdaine


The Marie Stuart Society