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We want to make it clear that yesterday’s publication of tram ticket and timetable information was the first time either of these have been confirmed.

Anything written about previously related to draft figures only, therefore the prices have not “increased” so much as been finalised and published ahead of Edinburgh Trams going live on 31 May.

Prices were agreed by the Transport for Edinburgh board on 25 April following recommendations from professional ­officers and the finalised fare structure has been market-tested and set against revenue requirements in line with the business plan.


Lesley Hinds,

Chair of Transport for

Is IT not a little odd that only holders of the Entitlement Card issued in Edinburgh will be permitted to use the pass on the tram?

Given that a huge part of the “investment” required to fund the project came from the Scottish Government (ie “us”) how can this be seen as anything other than discriminatory?

Surely it is time for Holyrood to step in.

scott brady

Inchgarvie Avenue