Weak argument

It’s all very well for Christine 
Jardine (Perspective, 1 February) to claim that the referendum choice is “no longer between independence and the status quo” in opposition to Nicola Sturgeon’s justifiable claim that “a No vote is a vote for nothing”.

Ms Jardine’s trumpeting of the Liberal Democrats’ long-term so-called commitment to a “federal UK” would have been more convincing if her party had campaigned for the inclusion of a federal or quasi-federal option, approximating to “devo-max” in the referendum ballot paper.

But no such luck. Like their Labour and Conservative comrades in the Better Together campaign, the Lib Dems – under Willie Rennie’s utterly uninspiring leadership – were much more interested in the prospect of giving Alex Salmond and the SNP a presumably metaphorical “bloody nose” in next year’s referendum than they were – or are – on improving the governance of Scotland.

So, I’m with Nicola Sturgeon all the way on this one. At least – unlike the Lib Dems – she does not speak with a forked tongue on the constitutional issue. The Lib Dems should try it some time, but I’m not holding my breath.


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