Fat chance

Alastair McLeish’s credibility is somewhat undermined by some factual errors (Letters, 20 November). First, he confuses the principal of Stow College with the (unpaid) chair of the board of management.

Secondly, he seems unaware that the incorporation of colleges was passed during John Major’s time as prime minister and had nothing to do with Scottish Labour (which opposed the move away from regional councils).

Finally, when I retired as a 
college principal in 1997 my pension entitlement was exactly as prescribed by teachers’ 
superannuation regulations ie one 80th of final salary for each year of service and lump sum equivalent to three 80ths of final salary for each year of service – no different from any non-
promoted member of staff.

Increases in management staff were inevitable as colleges took over individual responsibility for such matters as finance, personnel and property – all previously administered by the regional councils.

Also, most colleges entered incorporation overloaded with promoted academic staff as a consequence of a complex pointage system which rewarded staff numbers instead of 
student numbers.

Once Mr Russell is finished with it, I doubt whether there will be much fat left in the 
further education system.

Bill Greenock

Mount Annan Drive



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