Councils failing

On READING Scott Macnab’s article on the payout culture (your report, 26 December), it is easy to forget this culture is largely the consequence of moral hazard – not only that councils can use taxpayers’ money to fund such compensation, but also that inefficiency is tolerated within councils so readily.

If someone trips in a hole in the road, surely the question is why is that hole there? The public sector seems to come out in hives whenever one mentions depreciation: trees and hedges need trimming and roads need repairing. None of these require paroxysmal troubleshooting; they simply need a long-term plan to manage costs sustainably. This is surely common sense. We must not forget that such compensation claims may simply be a surrogate marker of the monopoly provider of essential services doing a rather poor job of them.

Dr Jon Stanley

Clearburn Crescent





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