Bad memories

Despite mentioning in his article (“Just how healthy is the NHS”, Perspective, 20 November) that Nicola Sturgeon is no longer the Cabinet minister for health and well-being, Iain Gray ended with a criticism of her “steady as she goes” handling of the NHS.

Iain, Nicola is no longer the Cabinet minister for health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, diminution in cerebral acuity often accompanies retirement from a senior position.

In his article, Iain Gray also heaped praise on the three previous Labour health ministers.

I worked in dementia care under all three of those ministers, and all three of them permitted the continued neglect of dementia care, particularly within NHS hospitals.

Dementia care only became a health target in 2009 (early diagnosis of dementia was a HEAT target earlier, but that, of itself, did not improve actual quality of dementia care).

Neil Sinclair

Clarence Street



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