Attacking muzak

I back the suggestions of Alan McKinney and Dorothy Lewis (Letters, 2 and 3 July) that John Lewis and Primark (I visit both regularly) may be riding the recession because they don’t play music.

Dorothy Lewis asks if people complain before walking out. I took a friend to the George Hotel in Edinburgh recently, expecting a quiet chat over lunch. They were playing loud (and annoying) music. I asked the staff to turn it down. They refused, so we walked out.

I assume they had the wit to realise why we left. The place was almost empty. I hope the George’s management read this – and all those who think muzak is essential in public places.

Chilton Inglis

Wilton Street


I agree with much of what has been said by your correspondents about loud music in shops, but – and I don’t wish to be rude – it’s possible they are not in the noise-hungry target market at which these retailers are focusing their energies.


Pilrig Street





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