Join Reservists if you aim for a life less ordinary

Becoming a reservist is a fantastic opportunity for men and women to do something completely different. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Becoming a reservist is a fantastic opportunity for men and women to do something completely different. Picture: Ian Georgeson

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It was an immense pleasure to be at the official launch of the Scottish and Northern Ireland Yeomanry (SNIY) at Edinburgh Castle last week.

The new Regiment with its Scottish sabre squadrons in Ayr, Cupar and Edinburgh was created by the recent re-structuring of the British Army to ensure it is more flexible, adaptable and better able to face future defence and security challenges.

At this exciting time we are looking to recruit Reservists across the whole of Scotland for the full range of Reserve roles. From infantryman to medics and from engineers to logisticians, there’s a role suitable for most. This is a fantastic opportunity for local men and women who want to do something completely different and lead, what I call, a life less ordinary.

Reservists have always played an essential role. From the First World War to Afghanistan they have always stood shoulder to shoulder with their Regular peers. Now, with some £1.8 billion invested over ten years in new training, new equipment and improved conditions of service such as pensions and education, they will truly play a vital role in the defence of the country.

This change is also a good thing for Scottish employers who have Reservists on their books. I would argue that, whatever your business, having people on your workforce who have a can-do attitude, are trained in leadership, who are good team players and above all are keen to take on responsibility can only be of benefit.

I am proud to say that I have served as a Reservist for 26 years, from joining the Parachute Regiment as a private soldier in 1987 to today being a two-star general and the Army’s senior Reservist. It’s been incredibly rewarding. I have been to many extraordinary countries, learned unique skills and made lifelong friends. Without this experience I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

So, I would urge anyone who is keen to develop themselves, gain new skills and qualifications or simply wants to experience the same kind of camaraderie that I have enjoyed over the last three decades, to go to the Army website and have a look. You may be surprised by what you find there.

• Major General Ranald Munro CBE TD is Deputy Commander Land Forces (Reserves), and in his civilian life, barrister for an American Insurance Company.

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