John Gibson: Peas could solve the fat thing

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Peas in our time. I’m not a doctor but . . . the solution to your struggle to lose weight could lie in peas, Dutch researchers at Maastricht Uni have discovered that protein from peas triggers the release of hormones that send “fullness” signals to the brain.

Give it a go. An eye pod might well help you win your battle with obesity. This, the eggheads claim, could lead to a coated pill but you may have to shell out, unavailable on the NHS.

Coming to Edinburgh chemists before long. Be sure to wear a shellsuit.


Hallelujah, this is Frederick Street piano bar Fingers’ 18th year and again indomitable owner May Paton has plunged fearlessly, unreservedly into the Fringe, virtually round the clock!

“Again entrepreneur Peter Buckley-Hill is coming up from London with cabaret, comedy and music and all for free here from 2 to 9pm from this Saturday up to Fringe curtains on the 24th. Seven acts.

“From 10pm Fingers resorts to its customary function, which is piano bar, and we’ve booked guest pianist Johnny Baker throughout the Fringe until 2am, from then until 5am it’s Bleeker, a band coming back by demand.

“Obviously it’s going to be busy, busy, busy. But nothing we can’t handle. Fingers and the Fringe fit like a glove,” claims Ms Paton.

Afterwords . . .

. . . was that Fred the Shred I saw dining with chums at the Bar Roma the other evening? I’d have tapped him for a bob or two but unlikely he carries loose change.