John Gibson: Leathers to spill it out with Jackie?

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There was Monica Lewinsky. If the name is unfamiliar, you should get out more. Now there’s Sydney (Sydney’s a woman) Leathers. She’s at the heart of a politically-charged sex scandal that elbowed Boy George off the front pages of America’s biggest papers.

Hotter than Lewinsky. Hot enough to make the royal babe yesterday’s and the day before’s potatoes. Mr Obama’s been roped into it and doubtless you’re wondering why this column, circulating round the globe as it does, has been mired into all this. Be assured that Anthony Weiner, erstwhile front runner for New York’s mayorship, is being branded a liar big style by the luscious Ms Leathers who’ll be the sought-after talk show interviewee in the UK before the years out.

I can visualise her now on Reporting Scotland head to head with Jackie Bird. Stay with this column. I’m on the case.

Sugar daddies

If you catch him having a fly pan drop or barley sugar, beware! Your man’s sweet tooth could be a sign that he’ll become an alcoholic. Indiana University researchers have found that the brain’s response to an intensely sweet tooth identified people at risk of alcoholism.

In a blind panic I’ve given up dolly mixtures.

Afterwords . . .

. . . Don’t let their grotty-looking jeans fool you. That’s Jeremy Clarkson desperately trying to project himself. It’s an image thing. Jovial Jeremy trousered £12 million in 2012 last I heard, give or take a couple of million. Fellow Top Gearites Richard Hammond and James May were quids in too. Is that a smirk or a smile we see on their faces?