John Gibson: It’s every which way for Witchell

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Any day now. Don’t you feel it in your water? A knighthood for Nicholas Witchell. The man himself must be all of a quiver.

The BBC’s Royal Correspondent, plummier with every appearance on telly. Dutifully and suitably subservient, ever ready with a knowing nod in the direction of the Royal couple, he was hanging around the doors of Paddington St Mary’s hospital where Kate and William finally surfaced with their boychild.

So we can anticipate, sooner or later, a knighthood for Sir Nick and a CBE at least for each of the medical team. That’s Nicholas far removed from his function as a humble, plain old newsreader.

Not averse to a job “on the side”, he could trouser a right few quid lecturing on elocution. Do try to snaffle for me a piece of the cake from the christening, Nick.

A Euge relief

We’re all so happy for her. Princess Eugenie, younger daughter of Airmiles Andrew, has found a job. Working actually. In a New York auction house. It pays reasonably big bucks. What a commoner would consider a fantastic living wage.

Co-founder of the firm is an Old Etonian. His brother owns a night club favoured by William and Harry. Eugenie, bless her, gained work experience with London auctioneers Christie’s, chaired by her cousin Viscount Linley.

Call this a clique? Well, it’s cosy and everybody’s happy for her.

Afterwords . . .

. . . Hibernian tonight strive to overcome a two-goal deficit in a cup match against Swedish outfit Malmo at Reilly-less Easter Road. The world holds its breath.