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Lesley Riddoch: New Labour leader will need to be bold and brave to succeed

One thing about Kezia Dugdale is indisputable – she has an uncanny sense of timing.

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond poses for pictures with the Budget Box. Picture: Getty Images

Brian Monteith: Stakes could not be higher for Hammond’s budget

This Wednesday’s budget will be one of the most revealing in years. It should tell us if there is any good news about the public finances, after the Chancellor hinted as much on The Andrew Marr Show yesterday.

Tentsmuir Spring Cycle with Keith McCartney.

Kirsty Gunn: The life lessons of the natural world

Unexpected moments, off the cuff excursions. There’s a lot to be said for taking a good day at its word, this time of year, and finding yourself doing something you didn’t think you’d be doing in the late autumn sunshine.

Minimum pricing is not a panacea. Photograph: Getty/iStockphoto

Alison Douglas: Take pride in the defeat of Big Alcohol

The decision by the UK Supreme Court to dismiss the Scotch Whisky Association’s appeal against minimum unit pricing is a landmark victory for public health.

News 80
The party was caught out by the announcement of Kezia Dugdale. Picture: Scott Louden

Leader: New Labour leader needs to rewrite the script

Labour is the Holyrood soap opera that keeps on giving. Even on day one of a new leader.

Opinion 3
The quest for high investment returns is risky.

James Walker: Take professional advice before investment punt

Are you enjoying that increase in the rate on your savings account or ISA? No? What do you mean it hasn’t happened…?

Darren McGarvey has seen his book about the impact of deprivation become a bestseller. Picture: John Devlin

Euan McColm: Pollok rapper who says Yes to grown-up debate

A couple of weeks ago, some of the most dedicated campaigners for Scottish independence gathered to discuss how best to achieve their ambition of breaking up the United Kingdom.

Opinion 30
The adversarial court system is particularly traumatic for victims of sex crimes. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Dani Garavelli: Women’s court ordeal shames legal system

It is nearly eight years since Denise Clair woke up naked and alone in a strange house in Armadale, West Lothian, after a night out. All that time, she has been fighting to bring her alleged attackers – footballers David Goodwillie and David Robertson – to some kind of justice.

News 11
Philip Hammond could introduce measures in the Budget to promote intergenerational fairness. Picture: Christopher Furlong

Bill Jamieson: Spreadsheet Phil’s desperate bid for a less lacklustre nickname

What headline-grabbing measure is Chancellor Philip Hammond likely to favour this week – the one by which this Budget will be defined?



Family: Mum’s the Word

Swipe right and let the gender politics begin

The Coca-Cola Christmas truck (Picture: Ian Georgeson)

Stephen Jardine: Beware Coke Christmas trucks bearing ‘gifts’

A sugary drink giveaway by Coca-Cola is ‘last thing children need’ at Christmas, writes Stephen Jardine

Glasgow's nextbike scheme is set to grow (Picture: John Devlin)

Leader comment: Edinburgh, finally, joins global cycle revolution

Finally, the flagship scheme of what is a global cycling revolution has arrived in Scotland’s capital. London has its ‘Boris Bikes’, Glasgow’s version is the nextbike, Paris boasts more than 20,000 Velib bicycles, there’s Citi Bike in New York City and, even that most car-obsessed of cities, Los Angeles, there is Metro Bike Share.

Opinion 3
Scots have a reputation for having a bad diet, but this country has some of the finest produce (Picture: Getty Images)

Jane Bradley: How the myth of bad British food was born

I always knew French president Jacques Chirac was a bad egg – well before he was ever convicted of corruption and diverting public funds – when he launched a vitriolic attack on British cuisine.

Donald Trump has made an average of five false statements a day since becoming US President (Picture: Getty Images)

Timothy Egan: Why fake news triumphed in America

The US is now a country where people live in social media bubbles that only reinforce their worldview, writes Timothy Egan.

Opinion 8
The New Zealand All Blacks are rugby world champions, but they can be beaten (Picture: Getty Images)

Leader comment: Prophecy tells of Scotland victory over All Blacks

As the forces of greatest power in the world of 480BC approached, the people of Athens were overcome with panic – until, that is, a prophecy of the most unlikeliest of victories was issued by the famed Oracle of Delphi. The Persian Empire was duly vanquished, Athens and democracy saved.


Frank O’Donnell: Scotland leading the world in life science research

Life science in Scotland is in an exciting place. Genuinely world-leading research is taking place in our universities to find solutions to the most challenging health problems of the 21st century.


Brian Wilson: Fundamentalists forced ‘bonkers’ Brexit deadline on May

Like poor squaddies through the ages, the potential cannon ­fodder of the Brexit campaign pray that their generals have a masterful plan, but tend to doubt it.

Opinion 42

The era of cheap booze is coming to an end – at last

In the final part of our Dying for a Drink series we reflect on the momentous decision taken by the Supreme Court making Scotland the first country in the world to introduce a minimum price per unit of alcohol.

News 186
Keith Robson, Charity Director of Age Scotland

Keith Robson: SNP’s free care policy is a success – but there is huge pressure how we provide it

Is social care in Scotland ­really in crisis? It’s hard to open a paper these days without reading about staff shortages, ­vulnerable people left at risk, or the “ticking timebomb” of an increasing older population.

Opinion 3
Many older people who live on their own, especially those who are in the last days of life, often feel lonely and isolated with no one to turn to except time-pressed care workers

Richard Meade: How much of a caring society are we towards the dying and lonely?

As a society we have become much more aware of, or at least willing to talk about, the issue of isolation and loneliness. For far too long we have avoided the subject and it has become a major public health issue.

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