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Gareth Shaw: Finance fraudsters exploit gap in the rules

Given the variety of things we do at Which? – from taste tests, campaigns and mortgage advice to putting hundreds of products through our laboratories – you can only imagine the variety of calls and letters we get from consumers each week.

The annual Royal Highland Show at Ingliston is a traditional link between farmers and the public, and the growth of farmers markets in the last 20 years has strengthened the connection.  Picture: Greg Macvean

Stephen Jardine: Highland Show is a vital connection between public and farmers

This weekend, rural Scotland is in the city for the 177th Royal Highland Show at Ingliston in Edinburgh. Over four days up to 200,000 people are expected to converge on the site for the annual celebration of country and farming life.

AirBnB started as a simple way to find a bed, or earn a little cash from renting out a room  now its big business.

Jane Bradley: AirBnB’s rise leaves me deflated

Jane Bradley laments the loss of adventure as the original idea of sleeping on a host’s floor has given way to slick business.

Too many Republicans see drug abuse as a criminal problem, ignoring the need for a real medical solution

Nicholas Kristof: Mass killer Opioids met with a shrug

Overdose deaths in US this year are set to match combined toll in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars says Nicolas Kristof

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Passenger figures at Scottish airports have grown at an impressive rate, but new figures show one in four flights is more than 15 minutes delayed.

Leader comment: Flying the flag takes effort

Scotland’s major airports are enjoying a boom time. The growth in passenger numbers has been massive thanks to much hard work attracting new airlines and routes fromwhich many of us benefit. These links also bring many overseas visitors to our shores.

Nicola Sturgeon has questions to answer over the Scottish Government's failure to properly administer CAP payments to farmers.

Leader comment: Farming fiasco raises question of capability

For an administration troubled by a low rate of economic growth, the Scottish Government is doing little
to help itself with the continued fiasco over late CAP payments to farmers. Like any business, the agriculture industry is run on projected revenues, and if it is sold short, new investment will be the first cut.

Opinion 8


When did the generation gap disappear?

Janet Christie’s Mum’s the Word

Brexit negotiations between the UK and EU are underway. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Ross McCafferty: Both sides still unable to deal with Brexit

We need politicians who can admit everything is up for negotiation when it comes to Brexit, says Ross McCafferty

Opinion 2
Media gather outside Finsbury Park Mosque in north London, after a van was driven into pedestrians near the north London mosque, leaving one man dead and eight injured. Picture: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Struan Stevenson: Reprisals are not the answer to terror

We must not resort to reprisals following terror attacks, writes Struan Stevenson

Opinion 6

Professor Wayne Powell: Food for thought at the biggest agricultural event on the calendar

Between 22 and 25 June, around 180,000 visitors are expected to visit the Royal Highland Show at Ingliston, near Edinburgh.

'We could witness levels of activity not seen on the LSE for the last five years,' says Rosalie Chadwick, head of corporate finance at Pinsent Masons. Picture: Contributed

Rosalie Chadwick: More Scots flotations on the horizon

Glasgow-based fashion retailer Quiz recently confirmed it is considering a £200 million ­flotation on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and if it goes public will become the first sizeable initial public offering (IPO) that Scotland has seen for some time.

'It is questionable whether real EU clarity lies in Philip Hammond's gift,' writes Martin Flanagan. Picture: Neil Hanna

Martin Flanagan: Chancellor tries to ease Brexit concerns

Chancellor Philip Hammond wants to reassure business that Brexit is not going to be quite as bad as the worst off-the-cliff, “no deal is better than a bad deal” fears.

Markets Economy 3

Stephen Boyle: One year on from the Brexit referendum

Germany invaded Poland on 1 September 1939. Two days later Britain and France declared war on Germany. Military engagements soon ensued and lives were lost but the next eight months became what we know as the Phoney War.

Markets Economy 5
It is time for Theresa May to step up and take full responsibility for her partys recent record says Joyce McMillan

Joyce McMillan: After abusing the memory of Britain’s finest hours, Theresa May must go

The Prime Minister’s obscene invoking of the Dunkirk spirit during a crisis that was entirely her own party’s making is the last straw for Joyce McMillan

Opinion 23
John Swinney prefers  to focus on 'governance' rather than 'budget cuts and staffing issues'. Picture: PA

Brian Wilson: The SNP are great at asking for your views – but nobody’s listening

The Scottish ­Government are big on consultations. You name it, they’ll ­consult on it. At present, you can have your say on anything from ­cremation costs to Improved ­Parking in Scotland.

Opinion 70
Buses in Glasgow city centre now average only a "fast walking pace" of 3.5mph. Picture: John Devlin

Alastair Dalton: Taking a city centre bus can be no quicker than walking

While most transport in Scotland is booming, buses in some parts of the country are verging on crisis.

Opinion 5
Improvements being carried out on the A82 at Loch Lomond two years ago. Now the road is to be widened to make it safer.

Leader comment: Loch upgrade a boon for all

The stretch of the A82 which hugs the western banks of Loch Lomond as it snakes north towards Crianlarich is one of Scotland’s most scenic routes. It is a shame, however, that so few drivers get the chance to truly savour it, given they must watch the road like a hawk.

Opinion 4
The popularity of the trolley bag has made the experience of getting from A to B in an airport, or finding empty locker space in an aircraft, a frequent frustration for Jim Duffy

Jim Duffy: Amateur hour at the airport with the trolley bag travellers

Frustrated by over-loaded ditherers who are on a day out, Jim Duffy suggests we could all do each other a huge favour when flying if we put our luggage back where it belongs - in the aircraft hold

European Union Council President Donald Tusk has tried to suggest that Brexit might not mean Brexit after all.

Leader comment: Brexit denial is more malady than melody

It was particularly galling of European Council president Donald Tusk to quote one of Britain’s greatest cultural exports when floating the idea that the UK may ultimately stay in the European Union. “You may say I’m a dreamer,” he said yesterday, quoting John Lennon’s song Imagine, before adding: “But I’m not he only one.”

Opinion 5

Louise Macdonald: Young people important to future of national parks

With its amazing landscapes, wildlife, and recreational opportunities, rural Scotland is a fantastic place for young people to grow up. However, we also have to accept it is not without its challenges as young people move into adulthood.

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