From the archives: Burial Women, 4 June, 1949

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RURAL women from Orkney to the South of Scotland met in Aberdeen yesterday to compare notes on handicrafts and housewives’ activities throughout the federation.

Handicrafts occupied their attention during the morning, when Mrs Hay, convener, told them that the wedding gift being made for Princess Elizabeth – pink and blue soft hangings for a bedroom – is now going to the South-West of Scotland. Institutes all over Scotland are taking part in making the gift, some women having travelled long distances to add their contribution. An exhibition in connection with the Edinburgh Festival competition for souvenirs and a school for judges were coming events announced by Mrs Hay. Reports on handicrafts were submitted from several areas. Rugmaking was the most popular in Sutherland and 
pottery painting has taken such a firm hold in Dumfriesshire that a fund has been raised to buy a kiln.