From the archive: ‘Trams by 2009’

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The Scotsman, 15 May 2003

Edinburgh’s trams could run along George Street rather than Princes Street to avoid seasonal closures of the city’s most famous thoroughfare, planners announced yesterday.

However, the move would be opposed by heritage groups and reduce opportunities for passengers to switch to buses, and trains at Waverley station. The options were revealed at the start of consultation into two planned lines, to the north and west of the city. The proposals would see electric trams running again in the capital by 2009, after a 53-year gap. They would take 20 minutes to travel between Haymarket and Leith, on a northern loop, and about 30 minutes to Edinburgh Airport, on a western line that could be extended to Newbridge. The trams would have priority traffic lights and the £190 million northern loop would run on Leith Walk along the northern shore, then back to the city centre via Pilton.