From the archive: Self-Government

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The Scotsman, 28 June 1948

THE suggestion that Scottish Convention should sponsor the formation of an all-party committee charged with the task of inviting Sir John Boyd Orr to contest the anticipated Gorbals by-election as an Independent candidate, “with, the Ulster form of Home Rule for Scotland as the first plank in his programme”, created some surprise at the seventh annual meeting of Scottish Convention in Glasgow on Saturday. “If we could secure the nomination of Sir John in the Gorbals,” said Dr John Macdonald, “it would waken up the Scottish Home Rule movement and it would waken up the British Government, which does not listen to any argument except the force of an election.” Mr JS Thomson said the aim was to give the Scottish National Party another chance to align themselves in the National Assembly with such demands as a plebiscite in Scotland on the question of Home Rule.