From the archive: Scottish shipyards stewards’ demand - 27 August, 1947

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The elimination of the half-day Saturday shift during the four winter months to ease the fuel position and prevent wholesale absenteeism was advocated in a resolution adopted at a conference of Scottish shipyard and marine engineering shop stewards in Glasgow yesterday.

The meeting, which was convened by the Clyde shop stewards, was attended by nearly 200 delegates. Criticism was made of the existing agreement which provides for a 44-hour week over five days for eight months of the year and a five-and-a-half-day week of 44 hours in the remaining four months. “In view of the new position that has arisen with the acute fuel crisis, and the fact that every industry is being asked to stagger hours, we recommend to all Scottish shipyard workers to take immediate steps to approach employers for a five-day week for the whole year,” stated the resolution.