From the archive: Key appointments unaltered - 1 March, 1950

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In the senior Government appointments announced to-night the Prime Minister has made a considerable number of changes in his administration, without, however, altering most of the key posts.

For Scotland the most significant change is the appointment of Mr Hector McNeil as Secretary of State for Scotland in place of Mr Arthur Woodburn, who is not given a new appointment. The number and scope of the changes announced are probably greater than were expected in view of the assumption that this will be a short Parliament. Mr Attlee may have had that next election in mind when he moved Mr Woodburn from the Scottish Office. Mr Woodburn has never been happy there. He is a man of considerable gifts but from the first day he took office he gave the impression of being uneasy in the post. It was perhaps this that caused him to make a series of speeches which tactlessly and needlessly gave offence to various sections of Scottish opinion.