From the archive: ‘Four webcams and a funeral’

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The Scotsman, 28 May 2009

A CREMATORIUM in Scotland has started broadcasting funerals over the internet to allow mourners to watch from anywhere in the world.

For a one-off £60 fee, families of the deceased can permit distant guests to view live streaming of ceremonies at Craigton Crematorium in Glasgow. Afterwards, they can request a DVD of proceedings.

The webcast system, devised by Wesley Music, has been installed at scores of crematoriums and burial sites in England and Wales, but this is the first time it has been used in Scotland. Wesley Music supervises about six funeral webcasts a week and is hopeful of repeating the modest success north of the Border.

Those behind the system – dubbed by detractors as “four webcams and a funeral” – con-cede that some will regard the idea of purchasing a £30 DVD (a CD is also available for £30) as “macabre”, but insist it should be viewed as a means of comfort.