From the archive: Brits take Basra - 9 April 2003

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ON THE streets of Basra yesterday, British tanks and Warriors vied for space with buses and taxis, donkey carts and private cars.

People tooted their horns as the soldiers drove past, and from the narrow side alleys cutting between densely packed houses in the poorer parts of the city, children poured out to watch this new and fascinating army driving by. Throughout the city, along the roads lined with palm trees and banked high with piles of fly-blown rubbish, people came out to wave and give the thumbs-up sign to the British troops. There were some indications of the brief fighting which had dominated the first day; buildings smashed and reduced to rubble, concrete floors hanging precariously, their supports blown away. But of the Fedayeen, the militia that had tried to stem the British advance with its rocket-propelled grenades and mortars, and AK47s, there was no sign.