From the archive: Air raids on Scotland - 6 june 1944

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LORD Rosebery, Regional Commissioner for Scotland, has now been permitted to divulge some facts and figures about the enemy’s air raids on Scotland.

The heaviest blows were dealt against Glasgow, Clydebank, and Greenock. Though Clydebank bore the brunt of the first main attack in March 1941, the casualties in Glasgow were heavier. In Clydebank only 12 houses remained undamaged. Of a war-time population of 55,000, all but 2,000 had to leave the town. The attack on the western district in May 1941 produced serious incidents at Paisley, Dumbarton, Glasgow, Port Glasgow, and Greenock. At Paisley a direct hit on a First Aid Post caused 100 fatalities. At Greenock about 300 people were killed and 8,000 of the 18,000 houses damaged. Judged by the statistics for the whole period, the weight of enemy attack has been directed against the west, with 1,927 fatalities out of a total of 2,298 for Scotland.