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Mary Allison: Beating breast cancer would be incredible legacy

Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May have work to do, writes Mary Allison

Action for Children Scotland has had support from many people in its fundraising activities. Picture: Neil Hanna

Kate Guthrie: Passion plays part in most successful charities

Good governance is needed if charities are to achieve their goals and build a better society, writes Kate Guthrie

Edinburgh International Festival shows what a cultural powerhouse the UK really is. Picture: Scott Louden

Matt Hancock: How arts and culture can change the world

Something big is happening in Edinburgh, writes Matt Hancock

Study with the Open University has been life-changing. Picture: PA

Karis Williamson: How education opened up a whole new world

The Open University has given Karis Williamson a fresh perspective on life

Researchers are increasingly getting involved in translating research into accessible innovations for the public. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ken Scott-Brown: Sharing idea space makes for creative solutions

“Serious games” are helping Scotland’s research leaders of the future think outside the box, explains Dr Ken Scott-Brown

Complaints handling could lead to the involvement of as many as six different organisations. Picture: John Devlin.

Neil Stevenson: How to navigate the maze of complaints

ILLOGICAL outcomes to cases have real consequences for people so correct complaints handling is key, writes Neil Stevenson

a new Supreme Court ruling has shown the veil has not been lifted far enough for directors to also be liable for damages in civil cases when it comes to employers liability insurance. Picture: Pixabay

Karen Dance: The corporate veil is lifted, but only so far

SUPREME Court judgment defines limit of directors’ liability in civil law compensation case, writes Karen Dance

A large proportion of UK employment law comes from the EU. Picture: AP

Alan Strain: Brexit means end to rule of EU Court of Justice laws on employment

GOVERNMENT looks set to favour business wishes to limit rights at work, writes Alan Strain

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Deliveroo is not the first to run into this sort of problem. Picture: Contributed

Andrew Clark: Employment law cannot be a pick and mix menu

DELIVEROO’S difficulties over minimum wage may affect whole ‘on-demand’ sector, writes Andrew Clark

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Scottish brand Tunnocks has announced an expansion of its Uddingston factory. Picture: Robert Perry

David Thomson: Industry must have appetite to survive and thrive

Environmental innovation, technology and engaging with the next generation is key for future growth, writes David Thomson

Mackerel hardly registered on the radar of consumers as a desirable fish to eat. Picture: PA

Ian Gatt: Herring and mackerel as important as ever to Scots economy

Sustainable fish ticks all boxes, says Ian Gatt

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Sit less, move more. Picture; contribited

Claire Craig: Sit down less, move around a lot more

Physical inactivity can kill us, but even small amounts of exercise can make a huge difference, says Claire Craig

Charging VAT on rebuilding and refurbishing older buildings while newbuilds are zero rated seems contradictory. Picture: Getty Images

Jim Tough: Take courage as we build for our future

Architects are undervalued in our society and should be at the centre of housing policy, argues Jim Tough

Europe can be compared to the conscience of Europe while the EU is the marketplace of Europe. Picture: Contributed

Dr Calum MacKellar: Referendum vote could mean big changes

Dr Calum MacKellar asks what leaving the EU means for medical ethics

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The First Minister has extolled the merits of the ECHR. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

James Mildred: Human rights originate in Judeo-Christian morality

Plans for a British Bill of Rights are raising concerns, writes James Mildred

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The James Hutton Institute is actively involved around the world working with local communities to prevent famine. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Robin Matthews: Climate change poses growing threat globally

Forget domestic political woes, the world is facing much more serious dangers writes Robin Matthews

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Brexit provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to restore normality and give the fishing industry a real chance to prosper. Picture: PA

Bertie Armstrong: Brexit a great opportunity for Scottish fishing

Our industry has a chance to prosper again, writes Bertie Armstrong

Opinion 6

Paula Skinner: Eagles aid entrepreneurs in spreading their wings

Legal world generates business by helping firms to get started, writes Paula Skinner

The likelihood is that business and institutions will find it necessary to comply with EU data protection law. Picture: PA

Jim McLean: Post-Brexit UK will need to follow EU data rules

Businesses which don’t risk being denied access, writes Jim McLean

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Ingenious productions include the blockbuster Life of Pi. Picture: PA

Colin Hutton: Win for taxman not in Ingenious script

Worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, tax battle has delivered a real cliffhanger, writes Colin Hutton

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