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Bono visits the Baphumelele orphanage for children with Aids. Picture: Getty

Spectacle of Bono almost as sickening as Ebola call

I FEEL bad. Here I was, sharpening my pencil to write harsh words about Bono only to discover the reason he wears sunglasses, or more accurately pink-tinted wraparounds, is not because he’s a narcissistic eejit, but because he has glaucoma. Oh dear.

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Transport minister Keith Brown sets out social justice agenda. Picture: Greg Macvean

Keith Brown: We need control of welfare and tax

For around two years, a large part of our lives was a countdown to the referendum. Four weeks on, we are still assessing its impact and interrogating its implications.


Stewart Hosie

Stewart Hosie: Change will ensure new powers

The past week in Westminster was very instructive. First we had a “Command Paper” which outlined the devolution proposals of the three unionist parties, not one of which would devolve more than 30 per cent of Scotland’s revenue base. Or to put that another way not even cover half of the Scottish Parliament’s current funding requirements.

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Angela Constance MSP for Almond Valley. Picture: Getty

Angela Constance: True equality for party members

ON 18 September I was in Livingston helping to “knock up” the Yes vote. In elections, this effort to persuade reluctant voters to go to the polling station is essential. On referendum day it wasn’t needed. Everyone had either already voted or was just about to. The record turnout marked a change in Scottish politics. At last, people had something worth voting for.

Speeches by Gordon Brown were hugely important to the Better Together campaign. Picture: JP

Leaders: Gordon Brown points way forward

Call for a powerhouse parliament could be wake-up call Labour needs


How The Scotsman reported the bombing at the time. Picture: TSPL

Brighton bombing: The night that changed politics

Five people died when an IRA bomb ripped Brighton’s Grand Hotel apart – 30 years on eye-witnesses tell Dani Garavelli their stories


The EU has had its own existential crisis and numerous mini ones across its member states

Andrew Wilson: Time is right to re-secure consent on EU

HAVING to prove yourself in life is no bad thing. ­Challenged and stretched we strengthen and grow. Unchallenged we end up lazy and our muscles – real and ­metaphorical – can atrophy. Complacency sets in and we are diminished; less than all we can become.


The free prescriptions for all policy was sold by the Scottish Government as a strike against inequality. Picture: Julie Howden

Euan McColm: Shaky Labour needs radical overhaul

PERHAPS the greatest trick the SNP ever pulled off was to convince a great many voters that policies which predominantly benefited the better-off were somehow progressive.


Richard Lyle, the SNP MSP, filed expenses claim for a trip to the chipper

Drumlanrig: No operatic career waiting for Salmond

Scotland’s best known former boy soprano has been at it again. Nowadays Alex Salmond’s voice lacks the sparkle of its pre-adolescent four-octave range, which saw him deliver impressive performances from Gian Carlo Menotti’s opera Amahl.

The Scottish Government has highlighted the particular impact of bag litter on the environment and wildlife. Picture: Getty

Derek Robertson: A cleaner Scotland is in the bag

RETAILERS all over Scotland will be making final plans this week before the introduction of a mandatory charge of 5p for every bag used at point of sale. Large and small, corner shop or out-of-town supermarket, they will have steps to put in place to ensure the smooth introduction of the charge on Monday, 20 October.


An Ebola burial team carries a body in Monrovia, Liberia. Picture: Getty

Dani Garavelli: No room for racism in Ebola fight

THE limits to my liberalism became clear at 10.10pm on Thursday. The BBC news had just finished reporting on the Briton who may or may not have died of Ebola in Macedonia and my youngest son had dissolved into a blubbering heap on the sofa. “It’s coming closer,” he wailed, “and we all might die.”


By making drawdown more appealing, George Osborne has driven another nail into the annuities coffin. Picture: Getty

Jeff Salway: Another nail in the annuities coffin

AS PRE-ELECTION tax bribes go, the government’s latest pensions giveaway is something of a classic.

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Tracey Emins comments revealed an uncomfortable truth. Photograph: Getty Images

Claire Black: Tracy Emin | Wildlife | Ryanair

It’s too fine an art to balance profession and parenthood

Post-indyref postcards from Spain. Picture: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Bill Jamieson: Post-indyref postcard

From tavish@giveitarest.com

Hi Jocky,

Couldn’t stand the indyref rammy any more. Ryanair flights from Glasgow packed all week.

The revelation coincided last week with news of a double-digit slide in whisky exports in the first half of the year. Picture: TSPL

Scott Reid: Whisky companies need plan of action

FOR any devotee of our national drink, it’s worrying news. Vodka is on course to overtake whisky as Britain’s favourite spirit for drinking at home.

Tescos new chief executive says the culture of the company must change. Photograph: PA

Scott Reid: Tesco will take time to turn around

IT WILL be the week that Tesco will want to forget. A week that saw Britain’s biggest retailer admit to a £250 million over-egging of its profits, suspend four of its senior executives and launch an invest­igation that will keep scores of forensic accountants and lawyers busy for some time.

Ed Miliband has now pledged to boost that to �8 an hour by 2020  a move that many employers say will threaten job creation.
 Picture Michael Gillen.

Kristy Dorsey: Employers may pay price

THE low-paid are front and centre of Labour’s campaign for next year’s general election and, as ever, businesses are warning of dire consequences should wages rise too quickly.

The Advisory Board of Yes Scotland. Picture: JP

Leader: Yes movement has power to shape Scotland

IN A timely and important column in this newspaper today, former SNP frontbencher Andrew Wilson calls on the Nationalists and their colleagues in the wider Yes movement to engage with new efforts to secure more powers for Holyrood “as builders, not wreckers”.


Many in the financial sector will have been relieved by the referendum result. Picture: Michael Gillen

No vote saves country from months of uncertainty

IT WAS said the independence referendum campaign was a clear choice between the head and the heart, emotion versus realism. But the most emotional places in Scotland this weekend are the offices of thousands of businesses liberated from a relentless, pounding migraine of uncertainty.


SNP need to build on the independence movement, not wreck it. Picture: John Devlin

Andrew Wilson: We can’t waste referendum passion

LETTING go. Never easy in life, is it? But liberating when you manage it. Often it is the step we need to take to truly find our own true path to happiness.


Scottish golfer Catriona Matthew had been able to play the Old Course at St Andrews. Picture: Getty

Moira Gordon: R&A vote indicates attitude change

THE magnitude of the moment was not up there with the destruction of the Berlin Wall, it wasn’t akin to the outlawing of slavery, was nowhere near as important as the success of the women’s suffragette movement and wasn’t even the biggest vote in the country that day, but Thursday’s decision by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews was still important and extremely positive, not just for the image of golf, but for sport as a whole.

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Dani Garavelli with her son Jamie. Picture: JP

Dani Garavelli: So proud of my first-time voter

WE WALKED into the polling station as a family: me, my husband and our 17-year-old son, each of us queasy with excitement and lack of sleep.

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The Prime Minister was 'sharply political' after referendum result. Picture: John Devlin

Euan McColm: Cameron’s new devo to hobble Labour

WHEN Prime Minister David Cameron strode out of No 10 Downing Street on Friday morning to give his response to Scotland’s rejection of independence, we might have expected some carefully chosen platitudes from a man with every reason to feel an overwhelming sense of relief.


The dissenting voices were just aimed at public speakers like Jim Murphy. Picture: John Devlin

Robin McAlpine: Scots anger to boil without change

SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE: Amidst the pain of defeat, I hope you will allow me at least a wry smile to myself. The entire political and media elite is in agreement – politics in Scotland has changed fundamentally and nothing will ever be the same again.


The Yes Scotland campaign helicopter parked up at Prestonfield House, Edinburgh. Picture: Jane Barlow

Drumlanrig: Salmond’s mist opportunity

SPECULATION was rife last week that Alex Salmond was so confident of victory in the referendum that he would book Edinburgh’s Prestonfield House Hotel for one of his presidential-style press conferences.


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