Drumlanrig: SNP councillor who won’t take No vote

SNP deputy leadership candidate Stewart Hosie. Picture: Robert Perry
SNP deputy leadership candidate Stewart Hosie. Picture: Robert Perry
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SNP councillor Pat Lee is not taking defeat in the independence referendum at all well.

The politician invites those who share his frustration to complete a form declaring support for Scotland making a unilateral declaration of independence and send it to him at South Lanarkshire Council.

Once enough forms are received, Councillor Lee proposes that SNP MPs might use them as the basis for a real UDI after the 2015 General Election.

A fellow nationalist pops by Councillor Lee’s Facebook page to ask whether this is possible. The politician promptly responds that he is off to “google international law and see what comes up”.

It certainly sounds like Councillor Lee has all bases covered. Independence will surely follow soon.

Sainsbury’s bags a boo-boo over Scottish Parliament.

THERE’S near universal agreement that more powers are on the way to Holyrood, with senior Unionist politicians such as Gordon Brown talking about a new devolution settlement that will lead to a “Powerhouse Parliament”.

Perhaps someone should pass this news on to the folk at Sainsbury’s online shopping, which informs customers buying goods who have just bought products over the internet that they now face the new five pence carrier bag charge due to “legislation introduced by the Scottish Assembly”.

Assembly? That’s a bit like referring to Tesco as “Willie Low’s”.

Will Eck swap think-pods for move to The Smoke?

A FLURRY of excitement as Alex Salmond takes time away from writing letters of complaint to newspapers to appear on the BBC’s Question Time as part of his victorious post-referendum tour. Once there, the First Minister hints that he could return to Westminster at the 2015 General Election. This was no surprise in SNP circles, where a rumour that Salmond will take a run at the Gordon seat being vacated by Lib Dem Malcolm Bruce has been doing the rounds since even before the referendum.

But what evidence is there that Eck might be tempted back to London? One SNP staffer cuts to the chase: “Can anyone seriously imagine Alex hanging around the Scottish Parliament, sitting in a f***ing think-pod?”

No, frankly.

Nats spray cold water on Hosie’s Yes Alliance plan

SNP deputy leadership candidate Stewart Hosie, MP, (below) comes up with quite the wheeze.

In order to maximise the number of pro-independence MPs at Westminster next year, he suggests a Yes Alliance.

Under Hosie’s glorious (deputy) rule, not only would the SNP push for its highest ever number of MPs but the party would support other pro-independence candidates, too.

But not everyone’s impressed. One senior SNP politician was positively contemptuous.

“If Stewart Hosie reckons,” he said, “that we’re going to pull candidates in favour of some ranting Trot or Green then he’s not thinking clearly.”