Cartoons of the week, 22-28 June

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The past week in politics, illustrated by Scotsman cartoonists Brian Adcock and Iain Green

Fri 28 Jun: The local community is kept in the dark as George Osborne presses ahead with fracking plans

Illustrations: Brian Adcock and Iain Green

Illustrations: Brian Adcock and Iain Green

Thu 27 Jun: The Coalition Government’s Spending Review is overshadowed by the deficit

Wed 26 Jun: Alex Salmond and John Swinney pay homage to a new power

Tue 25 Jun: A less than impressive infantry lines up before Alex Salmond

Mon 24 Jun: George Osborne makes a name for himself (or rather, several) as he cuts into the MoD

Sun 23 Jun: Ed Miliband’s speech hints at a flirtation with the principles of austerity

Sat 22 Jun: The Chancellor’s borrowing hike sees him lose further credibility as the MoD announces the closure of their UFO desk