Cartoons of the week, 13-19 April

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CARTOONISTS Iain Green and Brian Adcock illustrate the past week in politics, including Margaret Thatcher’s funeral arrangements and North Korea’s nuclear ambition

Fri 19 Apr: Johann Lamont goes on the warpath over more powers for Holyrood

Thu 18 Apr: Margaret Thatcher is given a Viking warrior’s send-off

Wed 17 Apr: Alex Salmond takes to the trains to celebrate the new money invested in Scotland’s railways

Tue 16 Apr: Despite polarised nuclear aspirations, two dear leaders of the world find common ground

Mon 15 Apr: A London School of Economics study trip to North Korea reportedly provided cover for a BBC Panorama documentary team

Sun 14 Apr: Nicola Sturgeon sees similarities between Alex Salmond and the late Baroness Thatcher

Sat 13 Apr: David Cameron takes on Margaret Thatcher’s mantle on Europe

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