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A round-up of the past week in politics, as seen by our cartoonists Brian Adcock and Iain Green

Sat 9 Mar: Tim Farron made headlines when he called Lib Dems ‘cockroaches’

Illustration: Iain Green

Illustration: Iain Green

Sun 10 Mar: The uncertainty that surrounds the independence question collides with play on a hit move from yesteryear

Mon 11 Mar: The Lib Dem’s place as a party of government alongside the Tories comes under scrutiny

Tue 12 Mar: The Scottish government reveal their estimates for the North Sea cash boost

Wed 13 Mar: Nicola Sturgeon sets out plans for 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in next year’s referendum

Thu 14 Mar: The coalition government comes under fire for contemplating ditching plans to introduce minimum pricing

Fri 15 Mar: David Cameron and his plans for press regulation draw scrutiny