Video: Baby swans rescued from Aberdeen harbour

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THERE was no swanning around at the Aberdeen lifeboat station today as a crew of RNLI volunteers set out to rescue four orphaned baby swans from Aberdeen harbour.

The baby swans had lost their parents and were swimming close to the busy fish market in Aberdeen harbour when SSPCA (Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) officers called for the RNLI, as they feared the four cygnets were in danger.

Seeing it as an opportunity to practice their training, and help the birds, RNLI volunteer crew members Calum Reed, Gary Cruickshank and Stephen Richie launched the D class inshore lifeboat equipped with a large net and a cage.

Station Mechanic Calum Reed said: ‘We certainly had to use all our skills as the cygnets gave us a run for our money!’

The four cygnets were eventually taken to a rescue centre.




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