Turkey saved from Christmas stuffing after befriending guinea fowl

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DECEMBER is a month that every turkey dreads. But one bird has been rescued from the dinner table after forging an inseperable friendship with a guinea fowl.

The 44lbs turkey, called Raoul, is constantly seen by the side of orphaned guinea fowl Pengu. The pair were born just days apart, and both birds were incubated by the same mother turkey after a guinea fowl sneaked into Raoul’s mother’s hut and laid an egg in her nest.

They were hatched and raised as siblings and now spend all of their time together at Feufield Farm, in Symington, South Lanarkshire.

Farm owner Kim Adam, 54, said: “We saved Raoul’s mother Lola from the pot a couple of years ago and she has lived here ever since.

“They really are best friends. They even refuse to sleep apart.

“I don’t think Pengu knows she’s a guinea fowl because she won’t go near the other birds that we have. She just stays by Raoul’s side.”




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