Trump does ice bucket challenge, nominates Obama

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DONALD Trump has completed the ice bucket challenge on the roof of Trump Tower, and nominated President of the United States Barack Obama to undertake the charity stunt.

The American tycoon - sat on a chair on his company’s headquarters alongside Miss Universe and Miss USA - said: “I’ve been called out by everybody for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Homer Simpson, Mike Tyson, Vince McMahon ... Like, everybody’s going crazy over this thing.

“I guess they want to see whether or not it’s my real hair - which it is.

Trump added: “So here’s what I’m going to do. Miss Universe and Miss USA - they’re going to really do a number on me.

“I’m challenging President Obama, my son Donald, my son Eric.”

Miss Universe and Miss USA then poured two buckets of ice over the business magnate, who muttered ‘What a mess’ as he swept his hair back from his face.


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