Pigeon-kicking Scotland fan in rail safety video

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A KILTED Scotland football fan who fell onto railway tracks after trying to kick a pigeon at Waverley station in Edinburgh features in a new Network Rail safety video launched today.

• Network Rail have unveiled a new video warning passengers of potential hazards associated with excessive alcohol consumption at railway stations

• Safety video shows a Scotland fan in a kilt falling onto railway tracks after trying to kick a pigeon

The campaign also shows CCTV footage of a passenger swaying along a platform before falling under a train as it comes into Leeds station, and another falling down a moving escalator at Manchester Piccadilly station. They all made a full recovery from their injuries.

At least 268 people were injured at Scotland’s stations in slips, trips and falls in the year to March, including 101 at Waverley, 82 at Glasgow Central and 25 at Glasgow Queen Street, according to Network Rail and ScotRail.

Waverley was the ninth worst for incidents among Britain’s 17 busiest stations, which clocked up a total of 1,600.

Network Rail said many injuries happened when people lost their balance after a night out drinking. They included one death, together with bone fractures, dislocations and concussions on steps, escalators, platforms and falling over luggage.

A man died at Leeds station in March after falling down stairs and hitting his head.

The Scotland fan at Waverley, who was on his way home from a match at Hampden in Glasgow, was shown on CCTV falling onto the tracks after chasing a pigeon off the edge of a platform.

Robin Gisby, Network Rail’s managing director for network operations, said: “We do everything we can to make moving around our stations as easy and safe as possible, but our teams deal with far too many people who have injured themselves where it appears alcohol has been a factor.”

British Transport Police Deputy Chief Constable Paul Crowther said: “Encouraging passengers to be more aware of their surroundings, particularly when they have had a drink, and to be alert to the inherent dangers that exist in stations will, we hope, reduce avoidable slips and falls across the network.”

The video will be shown at stations along with posters of an optical illusion with wine and beer glasses that gives the impression the page is moving.

A ScotRail spokesman said: “We welcome this Network Rail campaign aimed at reducing accidents at stations.

“It supports the work we are doing to make Scotland’s railways even safer, including our pioneering ban on drinking or visibly carrying alcohol on trains after 9pm.”

The train operator said the number of incidents was low when compared to the number of people using its stations, such as 16.6 million a year at Queen Street.

Watchdog body Passenger Focus called for a crackdown on drunk passengers.

Director David Sidebottom said: “The majority of passengers in Scotland feel safe when using the railway. However, when we asked passengers what they found the most worrying in terms of their personal safety while travelling by train, over a third said people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“Research shows that the main way of making passengers feel more secure is through a more visible staff and police presence on trains and at stations.”


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