Meet Hettie Moo - the cow that thinks it’s a horse

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WITH all the confusion over the provenance of our meat products, it might be for the best that Hettie Moo didn’t end up on the end of a butcher’s knife.

The Belted Galloway cow has stunned onlookers as it performs with a pony display team in Lockerbie - because it thinks it’s a horse.

The three-year-old cow was was orphaned after her mother died while giving birth and she was hand-reared at the Cairngorms Reindeer Centre in Aviemore.

After being spared from the dinner table, she now wows thousands of admiring spectators every year as she struts her stuff for Chariots of Fire.

Having only grown up next to humans and horses, Hettie feels right at home being ridden and attached to a carriage - conquering jumps as high as two foot.




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