Max Clifford mimics presenter in bizarre video

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FOOTAGE of Max Clifford sneaking up behind a Sky News presenter and mimicking his broadcast outside a court has emerged.

The video was captured before the PR guru’s guilty verdict earlier today, which saw him become the first person to be prosecuted as a result of Operation Yewtree.

Clifford was found guilty on eight counts of indecent assault on teenage girls spanning two decades.

In the clip, released today by Sky News, Clifford is seen walking out of Southwark Crown Court in south London as presenter Tom Parmenter spoke to the camera.

He then approaches Mr Parmenter from behind and begins to mimic the presenter’s posture and hand movements, which at first goes unnoticed by the Sky News reporter.

As the presenter begins to discuss Max Clifford’s penis size, a much-discussed topic at the 71-year-old’s trial, Clifford shakes his head.

A surprised Mr Parmenter then turns around to greet Clifford before the clip ends.

Clifford, who was found not guilty of two additional counts of indecent assault, is to be sentenced on Friday.


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