Labour MP’s video ‘most embarrassing of all time’

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AT first glance, a short video that introduces visitors to a Labour MP’s website does not sound like a source of mirth.

But a 46-second clip of Brian Donohoe, the Labour MP for Central Ayrshire, has attracted ridicule for being “cringey” and “embarrassing” because it appears to instruct constituents on how to use a website.

The footage uploaded onto YouTube by an anonymous user is titled “The most embarrassing MP of all time!! [sic]”

Filmed in Westminster by the banks of the Thames, Mr Donohoe explains that “it’s good to be able to communicate with people in the modern age, which is what I intend to do,” before adding “that’s why I’ve set up this website, which I think you’ll find of some interest.”

Later in the clip, he implores visitors to “explore the site. Take in the content. Examine it in detail. Come back another day and check it again.”

Twitter user ‏@ajwooff asked: “The most embarrassing MP video yet? Brian Donohoe explains how websites work.”

Another comment on the social network, posted by @juux, said: “Labour MP Brian Donohoe introduces his new website. Cringey beyond cringe.”

The website,, has also attracted criticism, with Twitter user @roseneath_rd commenting: “Brian Donohoe MP likes graphics. He discovered clipart and just can’t stop.”

Only @nataliemcgarry appeared to offer some sympathy, saying: “Aargh that “modern age” Brian Donohoe video is everywhere again. I actually feel sorry for him.”

Mr Donohoe was embroiled in the MPs expenses scandal revelations in 2009 after it was revealed he had spent thousands of pounds on furniture for a second home in London, and had claimed £75 over the maximum allowed amount in the process.




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