Kirkcaldy’s legendary Tesco Cat dies of old age

The cat got his name from regularly sitting in the trolley bay in the doorway of Tesco in Kirkcaldy. Picture: hemedia

The cat got his name from regularly sitting in the trolley bay in the doorway of Tesco in Kirkcaldy. Picture: hemedia


A SCOTTISH supermarket’s best known customer -- a cat -- has died it was revealed today.

Tiger, better known as the legendary Tesco Cat, was loved by the hundreds of people who shopped in the store on Hunter Street in Kirkcaldy.

Now his death has sparked an outpouring of sorrow from those whose day was brightened by the tabby’s very presence.

Tesco Cat shot to fame in 2012 with the launch of his very own Facebook page which amazingly attracted more than 2,800 “likes”.

He was usually seen in the doorway of Tesco sitting in the trolley bay - hence the nickname, Tesco Cat.

The cheeky moggy often sneaked inside the store, even though he wasn’t supposed to, and was even known to jump in the safe when staff were cashing up.

Occasionally he would make his way along Hunter Street to visit other businesses there and would pop into the local hairdressers for breakfast.

At night, he would frequent Kitty’s nightclub and sometimes followed customers home.

Such was his fame that Kirkcaldy band Certain Death wrote a song about him.

However, earlier this year sightings of Tiger became rarer and people began to fear for his health.

Kirkcaldy YMCA made a video entitled “Where Is Tesco Cat? A Short Film about a Local Legend” which has been posted on YouTube.

It features Tesco staff and customers explaining why they love Tiger and finishes with his owner explaining he wasn’t going out so often due to his old age.

The sad news of his passing came via his Facebook page at the weekend, with administrators saying it would be their last post.

The post said: “Some of you will already have heard the upsetting news of our beloved moggy of Kirkcaldy.

“He will be missed by all of us but will leave forever a lasting mark in our town.”

The update received 550 “likes” and was commented on by more than 200 people.

Lauren Adamson was one of those who left a tribute, and said: “This is really sad news.

“Tiger was a legend.”

Kumiko Sudosan added: “What a wonderful loving creature - always ready for a loving pet from everyone.”




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