Grandmother gets 30-year bowling ban after slap

A grandmother who umpired at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow has been banned for 30 years from her bowling club. Picture: Lorraine Hill

A grandmother who umpired at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow has been banned for 30 years from her bowling club. Picture: Lorraine Hill


A GRANDMOTHER who umpired at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow has been banned from her bowling club for 30 years.

Kathleen Wright from Broughty Ferry has been told to stay away from Craigie Bowling Club in Dundee after getting violent with another bowler.

She slapped a 26-year-old male player who, she claims, called her and her husband insulting names.

The 60-year-old, who has been a member at the club on Dalkeith Road for 23 years, admitted she deserved some form of suspension for her rash actions but claimed the sanction actually relates to an ongoing sexism row.

Although the incident happened in the middle of July, Kathleen was only informed of her punishment this week.

She said: “I knew the guy who was involved.

“He was doing a lot of name-calling that night, and I went over and gave him just a little slap.

“I did it, and he kept saying hit me again, and when I did all his friends laughed at him.”

Mrs Wright said he then got angry and threatened to knock her to the floor.

She said: “This led to me being called to a disciplinary board at the club but I think they gave me such a big suspension after I irritated the members by making a complaint that there was not equal opportunity at the club.

“I’ve seen a lot worse things than that happen here.”

Mrs Wright has has been a licensed coach since 2005, and she taught the player she was involved with in the altercation when he was a youngster.

She has also represented the bowling club at several events, including twice being part of the winning side in the Scottish triples competition.

Mrs Wright has not attended the club since the incident as she took a break to act as an umpire at the Commonwealth Games.

“I am the only qualified umpire at the club and the women’s team have played in lots of national tournaments,” she said.

“We pay the same for membership, so our games should be considered as important as the men’s.”

Her husband John Wright, 56, is currently a curator at the club.

He claimed today that he will also leave the club over the incident after more than 30 years as a member.

He said: “At the time of the incident I was the only one there who was not drinking, it just escalated so quickly.

“I know Kathleen would have accepted a three-month ban, but after this I don’t really want to be a part of any bowling club, things have really gone sour.”

Members and staff at Craigie Bowling Club were approached to comment on the allegations made by Mrs Wright, but refused on several occasions.

Her “victim” could not be contacted for comment.

This is not the first case of alleged sexism at bowling clubs in the region.

A female bowler was expelled from Kirriemuir Bowling Club two months ago.

Margaret Pollock was waging a solo war to “reform”.

She became the first woman in the club’s 144-year history to pay for a full membership at the beginning of the current league season.

The former head teacher was expelled from the club one month into the new season, however, after a special general meeting judged her to be bringing their game into disrepute.




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