Family draws up a bucket list for their dying dog

Minnie will get to do lots of fun things from the bucket list her family have drawn up. Picture: Reuters

Minnie will get to do lots of fun things from the bucket list her family have drawn up. Picture: Reuters


A family has drawn up a bucket list of wishes for their dying dog. The list of things for boxer Minnie to do before she dies include a day’s pampering at doggy day spa, a photoshoot and eating a McFlurry.

The four-year-old dog is suffering from chronic kidney disease and may only have weeks complete her last wishes.

Owners Danielle Campbell and Dave Fyfe drew up the list to ensure their pet has the best time possible at the end of her life.

The bucket list includes:

• Destroy a bag full of fluffy toys.

• Go camping with my new family.

• A play date in a park with all my friends.

• A day’s pampering at a dog spa.

• A long walk on the beach.

• Travel on a bus --ideally open top.

• Eat a Mcflurry.

• Have a birthday party with doggy cake.

• Photo shoot with my family.

• Make a cast of my paw print.

Youth worker Danielle, 24, of Hamilton, said: “We have not had Minnie very long but she is part of our family now.

“Boxer Welfare Scotland had put out an emergency request for a family to take Minnie in and care for her in the last stages of her life.

“We don’t know much about her of the life she’s had, but we want her last days to be as lovely and as much fun as possible.”

The dog’s disease leaves her very thin, and also causes extreme tiredness and incontinence.

Danielle pays for Minnie’s vet bills and keeps her on a restricted diet to keep her comfortable.

The boxer is the first dog they have looked after that has been terminally ill and Danielle said she has settled in well with her new family, including their two-year-old Alaskan Malamute dog, Rogue.

She added: “Minnie has the loveliest nature and she’s just a big, happy bundle of fun.

“She thinks she can keep up with other dogs and doesn’t really know that’s she’s really ill.

“Rogue seems to have an idea that Minnie isn’t well and he’s really gentle with her when they play together, even though he’s usually really boisterous.”




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