Catastrophe for cons as feline felon nicked

A prison guard holds a cat that has objects wrapped around his body with tape. Picture: Reuters

A prison guard holds a cat that has objects wrapped around his body with tape. Picture: Reuters


THE cat burglar has met its match, at least in name. But it seems that the inspiration behind the term – the stealthy kitty – is not a master of the break-in after all – especially when armed with tools for a prison break.

• Police take cat into custody after finding feline with several objects wrapped around its body with tape

• Drills, an earphone, a mobile, a memory card, batteries and a saw among items found on cat

One feline felon was “detained” by authorities in ­Brazil after being spotted trying to smuggle a wealth of tools and equipment – including drills and a mobile phone – into a jail.

The white cat was clocked by prison guards on New Year’s Day as it crossed the main gate of the prison in the eastern town of Arapiraca, with distinctive grey tape around its torso.

On closer inspection, it turned out the moggy was apparently part of a plan to smuggle the tools, potentially for a break-out, into the jail. Pictures released by police yesterday show the feline was also carrying a hands-free kit, a memory card, a phone charger and a battery.

All the prison’s 263 detainees are being treated as suspects, by police investigating the incident.

A prison spokesperson told a local newspaper: “It’s tough to find out who’s responsible for the action as the cat doesn’t speak.”

It is not the first bizarre story involving Brazil’s prison population and their attempts at freedom.

Last month,a “well-built” inmate had to be rescued after getting stuck trying to wriggle through a hole he and other inmates had managed to drill in a wall. The man was pictured with the top half of his body hanging out the makeshift exit and was treated for a fractured rib. In August, two men tried to escape another prison jail by hiding in bin bags.

The cat was taken to receive medical care.




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