‘Bowls is boring’ says ice hockey ace of team with 1,000 years between them

Robert Grieve, 83, is the oldest member of the Paisley Piranhas. Picture: Hemedia

Robert Grieve, 83, is the oldest member of the Paisley Piranhas. Picture: Hemedia

An ICE hockey team formed by pensioners now has a combined age of more than 1,000 years.

The Paisley Piranhas have more than a dozen members all aged between 70 and 83.

The veterans tried to register in a local league but no insurance company would cover any player aged over 70.

But the team meets on Fridays for matches at the Waterfront Ice Rink, in Inverclyde.

One of the team’s founders and oldest members, Robert Grieve, 83, took up the sport at the age of 64.

The grandfather-of-two said: “My wife thinks I’m crazy but I do it anyway.

“A lot of people my age play bowls but I always found it a bit boring. Ice hockey is much more fun and is not really dangerous at all.

“But you get the odd broken nose and sometimes you notice you have a wee bruise here and there.”

Mr Grieve, who lives with his wife Sheila, 62, added: “The average age of our players is around 70 but we welcome anyone who is over 50.

“Younger players are also welcome to have a go too. Anyone who fancies it should just come along to the Waterfront on a 
Friday morning.

“We start at eight but make sure you get here for seven – it takes us all a while to get ready.”

Ice rink duty manager Thomas McCowan added: “These guys are incredible. We enjoy having them here every week.

“They have tried to get me on the ice but they are too good.”




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