Alsatian dog shaved bald at grooming parlour

Star after her trip to the salon. Picture: HEMEDIA

Star after her trip to the salon. Picture: HEMEDIA

A pet owner who took her dog to grooming salon for a shampoo was left furious after the animal was returned shaved.

Linsey Parker dropped Star the Alsatian at an animal parlour and asked staff to give her for a “good wash”, but when she arrived to pick up the dog Star had been given a buzz cut - shaving away the fur from Star’s back but leaving her legs, head, tail and belly untouched.

Linsey, of Plymouth, Devon, claims the seven-year-old dog is now “distressed and shy” after her visit to the grooming parlour. She said: “I was devastated when I went to pick her up. Basically she has been ruined, and she is very distressed, very shy.”

The pet grooming parlour owner, Julie Stokes, has hit back claiming Mrs Parker knew what was being done to her dog.

Stokes said: “At first she asked for the dog to have a trim, that is what it was booked in for, but when she arrived she said she wanted a “shave-off”.

“She said she also wanted the dog to have a flea bath as it had fleas, which I said would take a long time but could be done.

“Basically I felt like I was being done. She booked for one thing then asked for a lot more when she arrived.”




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