Alex Salmond features on a new “Two Smackeroonie” coin

The mock coin was created by a Reddit user. Picture: Scotland

The mock coin was created by a Reddit user. Picture: Scotland

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The former First Minister of Scotland has appeared on a mock £2 coin with the phrase, “Alba gu bràth” meaning “Scotland Forever”, embossed beneath.

A poster on the Scotland Reddit page uploaded an image of his ‘Two Smackeroonie’ coin.

The coin is on sale on Ebay.

The coin is on sale on Ebay.

The description for the silver and gold plated coin states: “This could have been Scotland’s currency in an independent Scotland.

“A nice keepsake for Independence supporters or Unionists.”

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The creator of the novelty coin who goes by bluemonkey21 on Reddit said: “ I was playing around with CAD [Computer Aided Drawing] and ended up designing this coin.

“After a few drinks and several days, I was convinced it would be a fantastic idea to get them pressed in China.”

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The talented designer revealed they had contacted Mr Salmond about the coin, “I got a letter back from him [Alex Salmond] saying that he loved it and asked if we could submit a ‘lot’ of “official” smackeroonies to the SNP charity auction with a letter of authenticity signed by him.

“I was really quite taken aback by the response.”

The novelty coin is up for sale on Ebay for £6.50.

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