Edinburgh costume makers’ Taleban fancy dress a ‘sick joke’

A terrorist fancy dress costume has been slammed by UK military veterans, who said it is a “vile insult” to the lives of fallen soldiers.

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James Blunt, whose Scots lookalike is being pestered on his honeymoon. Picture: Jayne Emsley/TSPL

James Blunt fans harass Scots lookalike on honeymoon

A SCOT who keeps getting mistaken for James Blunt is now being pestered by the singer’s fans on honeymoon.

Inside Scoth House, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. Picture Scotch House

5 of the most far-flung Scottish pubs around the world

From South America to rural Russia, Scottish pubs are scattered around the globe.

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Eccentric Party calls for Brussels sprouts to be renamed after Brexit. Picture: PA photo/Haydn West

Bid launched to rename Brussels sprouts after Brexit vote

A POLITICIAN has called for Brussels sprouts to be renamed ‘Westminster Growths’ after Brits voted for Brexit.

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A small tornado forms over Edinburgh. Picture; Maureen Walker

Was there really a tornado in Edinburgh?

Images have emerged that appear to show a mini tornado sweeping over the Capital on Wednesday

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Glasgow man spends four hours in police custody over online sale of Dinky toys. Picture: Ian Rutherford/TSPL

Police ‘sorry’ for arrest of Glasgow toy car collector

POLICE Scotland has apologised for its treatment of a toy car collector held in the cells for four hours without his heart medication over the £16 eBay sale of three Dinky models.

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People are finding Pokemon but losing their marbles. Picture: Getty Images

Gamer calls 999 to report someone who’d ‘stolen their Pokemon’

A Pokemon Go player called 999 to tell police that someone had “stolen their Pokemon”.

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Stirling University. Picture: Donald Macleod

Man who walked around Stirling Uni library naked fined £600 for ‘dare’

A man has been fined £600 after he admitted walking around naked in a university library.

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The tropical island paradise masquerading as Bishopbriggs. Picture: Contributed

Google error transforms Bishopbriggs into tropical paradise

A Scottish suburb has been transformed into a tropical paradise - according to Google Maps.

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Even horses need to cool down in the heat. Picture: SWNS

Horses ‘queue up for ice cream’ during English heatwave

The heatwave sent temperatures soaring so high even these horses were queuing up - at an ice cream van.

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Adele Devonshire's camera as it was found by Lars Mossberg in Sweden. Picture: SWNS

Camera lost in Scotland in 2013 washes up on Swedish island

When Adele Devonshine lost her camera during a dive off the coast of St Abbs, she resigned herself to the fact it was lost to the depths of the sea, never to be seen again.

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The Clansman in Dunoon. Picture: Google

Scottish bar and manager bombarded with Still Game pranks

A pub called The Clansman with a barman named Boaby has been bombarded with prank calls from fans of the TV comedy Still Game, it has emerged.

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Dave Grohl is reportedly a big fan of Still Game. Picture: Getty Images

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl ‘a fan of Still Game’

FOO Fighters legend Dave Grohl is a fan of Still Game - according to one of the show’s leading characters.

Resistance member Sean Clerkin wants to see Tony Blair arrested. Picture: John Devlin

Scottish Resistance demand Police Scotland arrest Tony Blair

A group of nationalist activists have called on Police Scotland to arrest the former prime minister for war crimes.

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A Sheep with a camera fitted to its back in the Faroe Islands. Picture: Visit Faroe Islands

Sheep used to create unique Google Street View footage

Instead of waiting for Google to make their way to their remote location in the north Atlantic, the people of the Faroe Islands have decided to create their own unique street view - using sheep as camera operators.

The moth landing on the face of Cristiano Ronaldo during the Euro 2016 final. Picture: YouTube

Swarms of “Ronaldo” moths could be set to invade Scotland

After starring in the drab European Championship final in France and landing on superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s face, swarms of moths could be set to invade the UK in the next 24 hours.

Jack Burrows and Mark Brockway during a practice run. Picture: justgiving.com/thebathtubchallenge

Fundraising duo to paddle 70 miles in bathtub for charity

A pair of thrill-seekers are planning to paddle 70 miles in a bathtub.

Rafflesia adnoldii, otherwise known as the "corpse flower". Picture: iStock/Getty Images

Royal Botanic Garden to grow ‘corpse flower’ that smells like rotting flesh

SCIENTISTS hope to grow the world’s largest flower in Scotland, which is said to smell like rotting flesh.

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The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye is steeped in myth and legend. Picture:  Scotsman/Jane Barlow

Six ancient myths from the Scottish islands

From rock-dwelling giants to mermaids and seals who steal the hearts of local women, Scotland’s islands are still alive today with tales of their supernatural pasts.

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Hoard of ancient coins found on outskirts of Dundee.

Treasure trove of ancient coins found next to Dundee hotel

A TREASURE hunter has uncovered a hoard of ancient coins while metal detecting on the outskirts of Dundee.

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