Dinosaur footprint ‘found’ on Isle of Skye beach

AN AMERICAN tourist claims to have found the footprints of a giant meat-eating dinosaur on a Scottish beach

Gary the Goat is bidding for PM's job. Picture: Facebook

Australia’s Gary the Goat up for PM’s job

A CELEBRITY Australian goat has been put forward as David Cameron’s replacement.

There have been largely positive reviews for the "Iron Brew" flavoured vapour. Picture: AFP/Getty

‘Iron Brew’ e-cigarette flavour a hit with Scottish vapers

AN e-cigarette firm has produced an “Iron Brew” vapour, which Scots are hailing it as “just like the real thing”.

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Highland cliff rescue mission sparked by student studying moths at night-time. Picture: Armin Hinterwirth/PA Wire

Rescue mission sparked by student studying moths

A major air-sea rescue mission was launched after fishermen mistook a student studying moths for a distress signal.

A few Highland Cows try out the flyover. Picture: Wullie Marr

Cow ‘flyover’ created for Royal Highland Show

ENGINEERS have constructed a “cow flyover” to tackle human traffic jams at one of Scotland’s biggest outdoor shows.

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Ronaldo is yet to score at the Euros despite having 20 attempts on goal in two games. Picture: Getty

Video: Cristiano Ronaldo throws reporter’s microphone into river

Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be showing the strain of his faltering Euro 2016 performances - after apparently throwing a reporter’s microphone into a river.

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The lady's not for clothing: The sculpture of Margaret Thatcher by Marcus Harvey. Picture: Getty Images

Nude Margaret Thatcher sculpture unveiled by artist

THE artist behind a controversial portrait of Myra Hindley is to reveal a nude statue of Margaret Thatcher.

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Picture: SWNS

Mexican flag raised next to Donald Trump’s Menie golf resort

AN irate neighbour whose land borders Donald Trump’s controversial Aberdeenshire golf course is flying the Mexican flag in protest at the would-be president’s opinions.

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Charlene Ritchie, shop manager in Kelvinbridge, Glasgow, shows off some of the gruesome severed doll heads donated to the charity. Picture: Shelter/PA Wire

Doll heads, mummified cat and pants donated to Scots charity

SEVERED doll heads, loose teeth and a bag of dirty underpants are among the more unsavoury items recently donated to a homelessness charity.

Victorious: Murray Pringle. Picture: PA

Accountant wins legal fight over Scots baronial title

AN accountant has won a legal fight over a Scottish baronetcy in one of the most unusual disputes seen in a UK court.

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A male banana fiddler crab lures an approaching female into its burrow. Picture: Australian National University / PA

Male banana fiddler crabs ‘force females into mating’

A TYPE of crab that plays the gentleman by adopting a “ladies first” policy has been unmasked as a sex abusing cad.

The real Ewald Lienen, head coach of St Pauli. Picture: Getty

St Pauli send man with cardboard face to player unveiling

German side St Pauli came up with a novel solution when they learned that club manager Ewald Lienen would be unable to attend the unveiling of a new signing.

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Tom Leppard has died aged 80. Picture: Facebook

Tattooed ex-soldier dubbed Leopard Man of Skye dies at 80

A former soldier who became famous for the leopard spot tattoos that covered most of his body has died aged 80.

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Campaigners say they are holding a vigil. Picture: TSPL

Independence campers say Jesus wants them to stay outside Scottish Parliament

Independence campaigners say they have been instructed by Jesus to remain camped outside the Scottish Parliament.

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Jordan Moore at the PFA Scotland Showcase & Exit Trial at Broadwood Stadium. Picture: John Devlin

Scottish youngster haunted by ghost during Ireland stint

Former Dundee United starlet Jordan Moore has revealed he cut short a stint in Ireland because the room he was staying in was haunted by a ghost.

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Jean Sutherland of charity Argyll Animal Aid with the stowaway, who she has vowed to return to her home hunting ground. Picture: Kevin McGlynn

Stowaway cat wanted back home for island rat-catching duties

Sometimes the lure of the bright lights of the city just cannot be resisted, and pleasure-seeking creatures will do whatever it takes to join the party.

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Natalie McGarry picture on the right in her wedding dress. Picture: House of Commons

Natalie McGarry wears wedding dress for House of Commons vote

Natalie McGarry caused a stir House of Commons this week by voting in her wedding dress.

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The bird fell in to a container of the food while trying to scavenge a piece of meat from a food factory bin in Wales. Picture: Vale Wildlife Hospital/PA Wire

Seagull turns orange after falling into chicken tikka masala

A seagull turned bright orange after he plunged into a vat of chicken tikka masala.

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David Cameron urged the whole House to support all of the competing home nations in Euro 2016 Picture: AFP/Getty Images

David Cameron urges Scotland to support all Euro 2016 UK teams

David Cameron urged Scotland to get behind the other home nations at Euro 2016 as he poked fun at the country for failing to qualify for the tournament.

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Picture: YouTube

Tourist captures ‘Loch Ness Monster’ on video

A VIDEO captured by a holidaymaker visiting Loch Ness has caused a stir on social media as to whether it is a video of the famous monster.

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