Scottish side complete double signing in local McDonald’s

Stenhousemuir have completed the signing of Albion Rovers duo Michael Dunlop and Ross Dunlop - after the brothers put pen to paper in a local McDonald’s restaurant.

Brady died last week.

BBC apologises for mystery person quiz where answer was Ian Brady

The BBC has apologised for a segment on a local radio station during which listeners were asked to guess the identity of a mystery person, who turned out to be Moors murderer Ian Brady.

Professor Richard Wiseman with the death mask of Sir Walter Scott which will be a key part of the seances to be held in the Signet Library. Picture: Neil Hanna

Royal Mile seances aim to ‘summon spirit of Sir Walter Scott’

With its elegant Georgian architecture, it has been one of the most prestigious buildings on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile for nearly two centuries.

People are attracted to faces with familiar characteristics according to the new study. Picture: PA

People attracted to familiar faces, says new Scottish study

As the old saying goes, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’ But research by the University of St Andrews suggests what we may find attactive is influenced by the faces around us.

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In the 1980s, ITV's Saturday morning kids show Tiswas was the TV equivalent of the delinquent child next door.

Aidan Smith: Missing slings and superballs of 1960s childhood

Warnings over how fidget spinners ‘could hurt someone’ don’t impress 1960s playground survivor Aidan Smith

Adolf Hitler. Picture: Contributed

Scot ‘sees face of Hitler on kitchen draining board’

A dad got a shock when he saw the face of Adolf Hitler lying on his kitchen draining board.

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The message was sent while Morgan, from Fife, was on holiday in Belfast.

Message in a bottle sent from Ireland found washed up on Isle of Skye

A message in a bottle posted by a Scottish schoolgirl on a visit to Northern Ireland a year ago has been found on the Isle of Skye.

A 'Banksy' mural spotted in Kirkcaldy. Picture: SWNS

Is Banksy living - and working - in Fife?

A man has claimed that he is “99 per cent sure” that world-famous artist Banksy is living in a Scottish town.

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Video: Does this prove the Loch Ness monster is real?

After more than eight months without a sighting, the Loch Ness Monster appears to be back with a bang.

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One exhibit organiser claimed she was not the one who moved the fruit because she is 'allergic to pineapple'. Picture: Ruairi Gray/Twitter

Aberdeen students go viral after pineapple prank dupes gallery

Two Aberdeen students caused a social media storm after they appeared to successfully pass off a pineapple as a piece of art at a gallery.

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Ian Petrie gives former Prime Minister Gordon Brown bunny ears. Picture: SWNS

Gordon Brown pranked on doorstep while canvassing

Former PM Gordon Brown was pranked by a cheeky dad who gave him ‘bunny ears’ while posing for a snap with his family.

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First past the post: Emma Harper with her dog Maya. Picture: SWNS

SNP MSP’s pooch wins Holyrood dog of the year contest

SNP MSP Emma Harper and her border collie Maya have taken the biscuit in the first-ever Holyrood dog of the year contest.

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Superhero themed funeral. Picture: Co-op Funeralcare/PA Wire

Modern funerals ‘celebrate’ the deceased

Forget head-to-toe black, hearses and sombre dirges. Modern funerals are more likely to see mourners dressed as superheroes and the deceased making their final journey in a pink cadillac to the soundtrack from their favourite TV show, according to a new report.

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A Royal Python, similar to the one that has gone missing. Picture: Contributed

Police appeal after pet python goes missing in Aberdeen

A pet python has gone missing in Aberdeen, sparking a police hunt.

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Andy Murray has often let rip on court as he pushes his body to the limit.

Leader comment: Swearing? Damned if you do or don’t

So it’s official. Scientists have found that foul-mouthed tirades are beneficial. Well, at least to the utterer.

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New one pound coins are entering circulation with holes and blemishes. Picture: PA

New £1 coins circulated with ‘holes and blemishes’

New £1 coins are entering circulation with holes and blemishes despite being lauded as the most secure in the world.

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Would you sample black ice cream? Picture: Hemedia

‘Black ice cream’ takes New York by storm

A social media storm has erupted after a New York dessert shop began selling black ice cream.

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David Cameron with his shed. Picture: Graham Flack/Red Sky Shepherds Hut.

David Cameron unveils his £25,000 luxury shed

Former prime minister David Cameron says he has a battle on his hands to try to turn a luxury cabin for his Cotswolds’ garden into his writing den.

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Molly is said to be recovering well.

Jack Russell undergoes rare gender reassignment surgery

A Jack Russell born with male and female parts has made a complete recovery after undergoing rare gender reassignment surgery.

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Sir Chris Hoy tries out the 'ski-bike'. Picture: Twitter/@chrishoy

Sir Chris Hoy takes up ‘bike skiing’

AFTER switching cycling for motor racing, Sir Chris Hoy is back on two wheels again - but now with a ski attached.

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