Fake Donald Trump Time Magazine cover removed from Trump Turnberry

Staff at Trump golf courses in Scotland have been asked not to display a Time Magazine cover featuring the US President after it was confirmed to be a fake.

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Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow has been accused of chanting 'f**k the Tories' at Glastonbury. Picture: Getty Images

Jon Snow accused of shouting ‘f**k the Tories’ at Glastonbury Festival

Jon Snow has played down claims that he shouted a derogatory remark about the Conservatives while at the Glastonbury Festival.

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Reg Varney  makes the first withdrawal from a Barclaycash machine, at the Enfield branch of Barclays Bank in 1967. Picture: PA

Scottish invented ATM celebrates 50 years in operation

It is the brainchild of Scottish inventors which transformed everyday banking for millions of people around the world.

Mhairi posing in her new T-shirt, which sported a hilarious anti-Trident logo. Picture: Twitter

Mhairi Black posts humorous anti-Trident T-shirt pic on Twitter

MHAIRI Black has posted a pic of a T-shirt sent to her by one of her followers, which features a logo that is sure to delight her fellow supporters of the ‘Scrap Trident’ movement.

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The front of Cheryl Murphy's car was taken over by a swarm of bees. Picture: SWNS

Woman ‘stunned’ after thousands of bees ‘take over her car’

A car owner was left stunned when thousands of bees swarmed onto her motor because their queen decided it would make a nice home.

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Firefighters rescue the two calves. Picture: Bobby Geddes

Calves rescued from mud at Dumfries and Galloway harbour

TWO calves stuck up to their necks in mud at Kirkcudbright Harbour have been pulled to safety by firefighters using their hoses.

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Loganair Cabin Crew Chloe Stott (centre) with her mum Katy Stott (right) and grandmother Freida Devin. Picture: PA

Daughter of first baby born on Loganair joins airline’s cabin crew

A teenager whose mother was born on board a Loganair aircraft has become a member of the airline’s cabin crew.

Boatel at Lochrin Basin. Picture: Greg Macvean.

7 unusual places to stay in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Including a treehouse, shipping container and a stay at a haunted castle.

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Pint-size filly MicroBoo with owner Jen Baldwin-Murphy. Picture: SWNS

Meet the adorable MicroBoo - one of Britain’s smallest horses

One of Britain’s smallest horses has been born - standing at just 15 inches tall.

The cumulus cloud does indeed bear a strong resemblance to a map of Britain. Picture: Golcar Matt/@Little_Interest/Twitter

Cloud shaped like map of Britain spotted

A cloud shaped like a map of Britain has been seen in the skies over the East Midlands.

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Requiring a nanny for a haunted house sounds like a film plot - but the family are genuinely serious about finding the right candidate. Picture: Contributed

Nanny job paying £50k advertised for ‘haunted’ Scots house

A Scots couple are willing to pay out £50,000 a year for a nanny - because they live in a ‘haunted’ house that has caused five housekeepers to quit in the past 12 months.

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Theresa May told Tory donors that although the party had lost its majority, 'at least it had saved the Union'. Picture: Getty Images

Theresa May spoof Leaving Drinks’ has over 50k attendees

More than 50,000 people have said they will attend Theresa May’s ‘Leaving Drinks’ - after a prankster organised the event through Facebook.

Emmanuel Macron, left, with Theresa May. Picture: Getty Images

Theresa May mocked for awkward Mexican wave at England match

Theresa May was caught on camera awkwardly participating in a Mexican wave at a football match last night - as viewers joked that her timing was ‘worse than the general election’.

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Police have taken drastic measures in Halifax.

Police officers take drastic measures to prevent office milk theft

All officer workers can relate to these age-old question. Is there anything worse than office milk theft?

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Robbie, second right, and Keenan, far right, deliver the speech while Emma, far left, and Jimmy, second left, watch on. Picture: Contributed

Video: Watch 11yo Scots duo deliver hilarious wedding speech

Many of us have been in the nervewracking position of having to deliver a speech at a wedding - sweaty palms, dry mouths and desperately hoping that the slightly salacious joke about the groom goes down well will be familiar feelings for a lot of us.

Bob Cenker, Tommy Baxter, NASA astronaut Doug Wheelock and John Smth. Picture: Cascade

US flag found at Glamis Castle to go into space

A STARS and stripes flag found in attic at Glamis Castle is to go into space.

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What will Alex do next?

What jobs could Alex Salmond do next?

In one of many shock results last night, Alex Salmond lost his seat in Gordon. Now he’s no longer on the political stage, what could Alex turn his hand to next?

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Picture: BBC

10 Most cringeworthy moments of the General Election

Car crash interviews, leaked documents, or failed door knocking opportunities, this General Election 2017 has had the entire population shaking their heads in disbelief.

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Isla Nelson. Picture: BBC

3 year-old up for Scottish Comedy Awards

A three-year-old girl is in the running for comedy awards glory - for a series of hilarious online videos she makes with her stand-up father.

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Everyone's favourite election hashtag made its return today. Picture: Twitter @TheRealSteveDay

Why #DogsAtPollingStations is the best general election hashtag

IT’S the hashtag that takes Twitter by storm on election day and this year is no different, #DogsAtPollingStations is back and seemingly more popular than ever as users post pictures of their pets turning out to help them vote.

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