Murray's Mum to be mic'd up in box

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SHE is famous with tennis fans around the world for her clenched fists and expressive face. Now, as well as seeing Judy Murray's passionate support for her son on screen, viewers will be able to hear what the world No 4's Mum is saying when Andy Murray takes to the courts at the US Open this week.

For the first time in a Grand Slam tournament, the players' box - where family, friends and coaches of the tournament's participants traditionally sit - will be wired for sound, picking up every cough, spit and exhortation as players' loved ones watch the world's top tennis players fight it out for the US Open title.

The microphones will be installed by a TV network and, after being cleared for expletives and libellous comments about opponents, will be broadcast.

As well as giving viewers a unique insight into how each player's teams react during a match, the technology may also shine a light on illegal coaching, where coaches shout guidance to their players on court that contravenes tournament rules.

Murray, who believes the US Open is his best chance of winning a Grand Slam title, admitted that the Murray camp could make a lot of noise during matches.

"They (his family and supporters] are pretty vocal," he told Scotland on Sunday. "I have no problem (with that]. The people I work with, there's no coaching, just encouragement, a lot of 'come-ons' and 'you can do it', and those sort of things."

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