MI5 advertises for possible recruits in St Andrews University student newspaper

STUDENTS at St Andrews University are being targeted for recruitment by MI5.

The counter-intelligence agency published a half-page advertisement in the institution's student newspaper The Saint.

Britain's Security Service advertises for intelligence officers for a "most rewarding and interesting career path".

The advert states: "Discretion is vital. You should not discuss your application, other than with your partner or a close family member."

It goes on: "Analysing information. Spotting connections. Making decisions that really matter. This is what MI5's dedicated and focused intelligence officers do every day. Working together, we help safeguard the security of the nation. This is challenging and vitally important work that demands strong communication, analytical and organisational skills."

The role is described as being UK-based with a salary of 24,750 plus benefits.

Civil liberties campaigner Mike Dailly, principal solicitor of Govan Law Centre, said last night: "St Andrews university is a rarefied atmosphere that has little in common with the realities faced by real people. Where are the adverts in campuses like Abertay and Glasgow Caledonian? Where is the social inclusion?"

No-one from The Saint was available for comment last night. A university spokesman said: "MI5 comes to St Andrews and other Scottish universities to recruit because it knows our graduates are highly intelligent, critical thinkers. It's got nothing to do with class or social status."

A Home Office spokesman refused to comment.

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