Lynn O’Rourke: Garden signals spring is on the way

Spring looks set to appear soon. Picture: TSPL

Spring looks set to appear soon. Picture: TSPL

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IT FEELS as if there is a positive sense of change in the air, even though it is still January and the possibility of real wintry weather is but a degree or two away.

However, blossom is starting to show and my bedraggled back garden is showing signs of new life. I have no idea how or what it might be, but little green shooty things are cropping up. The front garden is too weed-strewn to be able to tell if anything else is trying to get through. A (major) task for another day. Indoors, both daughters are hankering after new colours in their bedrooms, which I’ve said I’ll do when spring comes. Might just have to rethink that timing.

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