Letters: Meat-eating

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Why, instead of just showing the girl the pig's head (your report, 4 February) did Tom Kitchin, as part of the process in educating children about where food comes from, not also show her the inside of the abattoir where the pig was slaughtered, or is this something on which we do not wish adults or children to ponder for too long?

It is said that if abattoirs had walls of glass everyone would be a vegetarian.

As a former councillor on Edinburgh District Council's environmental health committee, I had an experience which totally changed my eating habits. Part of our duties was to do an on-site visit to the council-owned Gorgie slaughterhouse.

I never ate meat again.

Margaret McGregor



IF THE chef, Tom Kitchin, is trying to promote the use of local, seasonal produce, surely it would be more useful to explain how to make the most of dreary winter vegetables than to give a little girl a close-up of a pig's face or encourage a boy to eat a raw oyster?

But then again, sprucing up a neep woudn't make for such an arresting photograph.

R Randall

Barons Hill