Letter: Warming 'scam'

I AM writing to complain about your coverage of global warming and particularly the latest story: "Global warming alert as sea level rise said to be fastest rate for 2,100 years" (your report, 21 June).

It is well-known that one of the key authors of this paper was also part of the now discredited "hockeystick" paper on global warming which sought (as the climategate e-mails reveal) to remove the medieval warm period.

Likewise, this is a substantially below par "scientific" paper which takes a single location and tries to suggest that the relative level of sea and land in an area of unstable land like a marsh can in any way tell us the global situation.

This is absurd. It is well-known that many local areas suffer from local geological factors that affect the land level. Mining is an obvious example, as is water extraction. Even the BBC was deluded into suggesting that areas are "flooding due to global warming".

You cannot take this claim seriously - a single site from a paper involving a discredited person who attempted precisely the same scam on land and they appear now to have done at sea.

This is not a "cost neutral" group of "well-intentioned" people trying to "save the planet".

This is a group of money-grabbing people using their positions of power to make money for themselves by selling a global warming scam to everyone else using corrupt practices such as allowing those with a commercial interest to be the lead writers on the "science".

Mike Haseler

Poplar Drive

Lenzie, East Dunbartonshire

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